Are you eligible?


UCP of Northwest Missouri welcomes more than 400 families each year to learn, grow and thrive. Eligibility for services like preschool, therapies, and the Adult and Supported Employment programs are based on diagnoses and referals from the agencies listed below. To learn more, call (816) 364-3836. We also welcome families to attend our outstanding Preschool whose children do not have developmental delays.

Eligibility for Therapeutic Services, Home Based Education and Preschool for a Child with a Disability:
Eligibility for UCP Children’s Services is determined through having a diagnosis of either motor, cognitive or developmental delay, and also a referral from Missouri First Steps. Preschool classes are offered to children ages 2 to 5. Home visits and therapies are offered to children ages 0-5.

Eligibility for Preschool for Children Without a Delay:
UCP maintains a 50/50 ratio of children with delays and children without delays in its Preschool environment, which research says creates the best learning setting for all children. Tuition rates apply, and slots are filled from a waiting list. For more information, call (816) 364-3836.

Eligibility for Adults with Disabilities: 
Adult consumers in the UCP program must have a diagnosis for delay, and a referral from the Missouri Department of Mental Health, which can come from either Progressive Community Services or the Albany Regional Office. Consumers may also qualify for Employment services if they have a referral to UCP from Vocational Rehab.

Learn more about eligibility for disabilities services from these resources:

Missouri First Steps
Vocational Rehabilitation
Mo Division of Developmental Disabilities
Albany Regional Office (Mo Dept of Mental Health)