Equipment and Resource Lending Library

Part of UCP’s goal for helping children with disabilities is to allow them to thrive in their natural environment, like home or a school they may attend. To reach this goal, the Equipment Lending Library gives families in Northwest Missouri access to multi-sensory therapeutic equipment and toys. The program is geared toward children birth to five years old and has various items available for families of children with developmental disabilities to borrow for use in their home and in the community at no cost.

UCP of Northwest Missouri also maintains a collection of books and videos with information on a wide array of disabilities, intervention strategies and available resources and supports.

Who Can Use the Equipment and Resource Lending Library?

Any family in Northwest Missouri who has a young child with a developmental disability or need may access the program at no charge with the guidance of his/her UCP therapist or teacher.

How Does It Work?

  1. Review Therapeutic Lending Catalog for therapeutic equipment and toy options with your therapist or teacher.
  2. Select appropriate items for your child.
  3. Register to access the program.
  4. Check items out (at no cost to your family).
  5. Consult with therapist or teacher to ensure proper, safe use of the items.
  6. Return items within agreed-upon time frame. If item is needed beyond original time frame, contact program director.

For more information about Equipment and Resource Lending Library, please contact UCP at (816) 364-3836 or send an e-mail.


  1. Families will become more familiar with assistive technology available, learn how to use it and have immediate access to appropriate adaptions and support.
  2. Children with developmental disabilities will gain skills that lead towards independence.
  3. Families will learn new skills that support their child with developmental disabilities.