On-Site Resources

On-Site Resources for children and Families to Explore

The UCP Children’s Program, headquartered at 3303 Frederick, St. Joseph, Mo., offers many opportunities for children and families to grow and explore together.

Families may have an adventure outdoors at UCP’s therapeutic play area called “The Sea”, or visit our indoor sensory motor room called “Under the Sea”. 

The facilities and equipment at UCP allow our therapists and teachers to introduce and model concepts and equipment that can be beneficial to your growing child.

Equipment and Resource Lending Library
A large number of therapeutic items are available for your family to borrow for short term use in your home. This program allows you to try various items that may provide support to your child or enhance his/her development.

Therapeutic Lending Brochure

For more information about On-Site Facilities, please contact UCP at (816) 364-3836 or send an e-mail.