Therapeutic Services

The Children’s Program at UCP provides therapeutic and educational services to children from birth to age five with developmental delay and their families.

Therapy is provided in the home, daycare, preschool or in our facility. With UCP’s team of skilled therapists, we can provide a holistic approach  — along with a variety of child friendly equipment and settings allowing therapy to be play with a purpose.

  • Developmental Therapy
    UCP special instructors provide families with research-based concepts and techniques on all areas of a child’s development, with the goal of helping families enhance learning opportunities for their child through daily activities.Our instructors specialize in cognitive (problem solving/thinking skills), skills for independence (dressing, feeding, choice making), and personal social development. They also work closely with other UCP therapists and members of the team to help families with the integrate various service providers into their child’s daily life.
  • Occupational Therapy
    UCP Occupational Therapists collaborate with parents to determine a child’s needs and develop play-based activities that are incorporated into a child’s daily life. For children, this can include playing with toys, interacting with the environment, dressing themselves, writing their names and eating meals.Occupational Therapists can be a resource for adaptive equipment and sensory motor items. UCP’s Equipment and Resource Lending Library allows families to borrow items for use in their homes and community.
  • Physical Therapy
    Physical Therapy Services promote gross motor skills such as sitting, creeping and walking through play-based activities. Parental support and education empowers parents to use therapy techniques within the child’s home and community.
  • Speech/Language Therapy
    Speech/language therapy targets overall communication skills and prerequisite skills for communication, such as receptive language (what a child understands), expressive language (what a child communicates verbally and nonverbally), and speech (how a child produces sounds).Communication skills are targeted through play and daily activities and routines. Families are encouraged to incorporate strategies throughout their daily lives to support their child’s communication development.


For more information about UCP’s Therapeutic Services, please contact UCP at (816) 364-3836 or send an e-mail.