All Students Achieve (ASA) – DMH

ASA is a collaboration between UCP, Progressive Community Services (PCS), Saint Joseph School District (SJSD), Mosaic Life Care, and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). This program runs during the SJSD calendar year. Students participate during their senior year in a non-traditional classroom experience. Students report to Mosaic Life Care rather than their homeschool. Senior year credits are obtained through this program. The first six weeks are spent in the classroom with a SJSD teacher and UCP Career Specialist. During this classroom time students are learning about community resources, job readiness, interviewing for their internship, navigating Mosaic Life Care, and learning essential skills in order to be successful in their internship. Students then transition into their internship with limited classroom activities. Students are provided a skills trainer to accompany them during their internship. The Skills Trainer provides supports needed in order for the student to be successful in their internship. Once the student is ready job search assistance is provided by UCP staff. Should competitive employment be secured, the student has that ability for work release.