Pre-Employment Summer Work Experience

Pre-employment summer work experience provides a work-based learning experience in a competitive integrated setting within the community. The primary objective is the development of employability skills in a real work environment, and exposure to occupations within the student’s career pathway; resulting in more informed transition planning while in high school, and improved post-secondary education/training and employment outcomes.


  • The program will consist of 6 consecutive weeks of work-based learning experiences during the summer.
  • Students will work a total of 16 hours at the worksite(s) over the course of four days within each week, with a target of 4 hours worked per day. The fifth day of each week will consist of 4 hours of classroom style experience wherein students will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences during the week as well as participate in soft skills training.
  • Students will be paid $7.65 an hour for the duration of the summer work experience. UCP hires the student as a temporary employee and serves as the employer of record.
  • The summer work experience is available to eligible VR clients who are enrolled in high school. The summer prior to the last year of high school will be targeted.


Summer Work Experience 2016

Summer 2015