Helping children and adults with disabilities, UCP of Northwest Missouri is part of the national network of UCP affiliate organizations, and began serving people with developmental disabilities in 1968. Today, UCP of Northwest Missouri works towards “life without limits for people with disabilities” through a Children’s Program, an Adult Program and Employment Services. 

On a local level, UCP of Northwest Missouri serves more than 400 families with adults or children with disabilities each year, including those from Buchanan, Andrew and DeKalb County and the surrounding areas. We help provide opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to learn and grow, along with opportunities for community involvement, life skills and job training. 

Did you know? The children and adults with disabilities who are served by UCP of Northwest Missouri have a range of abilities and diagnoses, including autism, Down syndrome, hearing and visual impairments, physical or communication delays and intellectual or speech delays. 

UCP of Northwest Missouri is part of an international effort including more than 100 local serve providers, know as “affiliates.” Affiliates like UCP of Northwest Missouri work together with their local communities and the national UCP program to serve more than 176,000 individuals and their families every day. 

Thank you for you interest in helping create a “life without limits” for children and adults with disabilities.