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Keith’s Journey

“UCP therapists have been vital for so many reasons, they have provided encouragement and emotional support. They have been advocates for us as we have worked with other providers and clinics. Our therapy journey is not over but we have some of the very best people walking it with us. We love UCP and all of its staff!”                                                                        

                                                                                 Sarah Campbell

Our family’s gratitude

Our story with UCP began when my son, Nolan, started the integrated pre-school program right after turning two years old. We had noticed some slight behavioral/communicational differences and his physician said he needed more socialization; therefore, I was elated to get the call from UCP that there was an opening.

I strongly believe Nolan would not have had such amazing and rapid success without the benefit of the dedicated cumulated talents of the UCP staff and therapists. They have all powerfully touched our lives.

Virginia Cress

The daily messages I received from his teachers helped reassure me that Nolan was in the right place.

Virginia Cress