mission and history

To positively affect the quality of life of individuals with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities through the provision of direct services and community education, and by empowering self-advocacy. 


Grateful. Dedicated. Hopeful. Every Step of the Way.

This is our philosophy every day at UCP, and the perspective of our team, the children and adults we serve and their families. It’s also the shared perspective of our leadership, our volunteers and our community who supports UCP of Northwest Missouri. 

We are dedicated to our mission at every interaction and every experience. From the adults who are eagerly learning new skills to maximize their independence and volunteer in the community to the individuals who enthusiastically report to work with our employment partners, to our children who bring their curiosity and unique viewpoints to every lesson lesson – we are dedicated to the most hopeful future possible and one filled with open doors and opportunities. We see so much ability and so much possibility.

Big dreams, coming true. That’s how we describe our progress at UCP. 

We’ve come a long way since 1968, when we began with a small children’s program that met three mornings a week.

Just a few years later, UCP was offering therapies to children, and by 1975, the preschool program was launched to provide early intervention services to children. The Adult Program followed in 1980. 

We began reaching out to the community and providing referrals and supports to families through an Advocacy Program in 1985. In1987, the employment piece was added to help people with disabilities find meaningful work. 

Through the generosity of our community, a big dream came true in 1993 when UCP moved into its current location on Frederick avenue. Our capacity to provide services also continues to grow- we are assisting 400 people each year. 

Representing one of the few integrated preschool settings in Northwest Missouri, we began welcoming children of all abilities to learn, grow and thrive at UCP Preschool in 2007. 

Big dream are also taking shape in the Adult Program. Today it is UCP’s fastest growing service. When we needed more space to make our big dream for our clients come true, the community stepped in. Through Progressive Community Services (Buchanan County Bill 40 Board) and private donations, we opened a 1700-foot Adult Program expansion in September of 2010. 

We’re so proud of the work we’ve all done together over the years.