Computer & Technology Training

Computer and Technology Training: Bridging the Gap

With guidance from our professional and enthusiastic staff, many UCP Adult Program consumers can create and manage email accounts, type letters and browse web sites of interest to them at UCP’s Adult Program computer lab.

Community grants help UCP add innovative equipment and software to its computer lab, giving our consumers even more choices for learning and opportunities to communicate.

Choices and Independence with Technology

UCP consumers can choose how they will use the computer technology. Some enjoy anything related to the weather, including looking up weather forecasts and alerting the staff  of upcoming weather changes. Others enjoy looking up their favorite music artists and watching their videos on-line.

Every consumer who with a desire to do so can have his/her own email address. With staff’s input, it is easy way for consumers to stay in touch with friends and family. We have software called WYNN READER for email and/or selected Internet sites to be read aloud to those who cannot read. Another way to keep in touch is by making computer generated greeting cards, and consumers get great practice either typing or writing their names on the cards before mailing them.

Additional technology allows our consumers to use cause/effect to participate in specific computer activities. For example, pictures of an upcoming holiday celebration can allow a consumer to select a message that will appear in a letter to a friend or family member.

For those consumers with the ability to read and write, UCP offers several educational programs which work on increasing or maintaining those skills.

The UCP computer lab is opening doors toward communication and new skills for our program participants daily, especially in combination with life skills and other portions of our outstanding Adult Program.


“There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of helping consumers become more independent and watching that “light of knowledge” come into their eyes!” – Glynda King, UCP Adult Program Director