Discovery and Exploration

The Employment Program at UCP strives to match up the best possible work environment or training options with each individual’s interests and abilities. To achieve this we start with Discovery and Exploration.

Discovery is building a relationship with the individual, his/her support system and environment, taking into consideration the individual’s interest, preferences, needs and abilities to create a road map toward his/her employment goal.

UCP utilizes a Discovery approach to assist individuals in learning more about themselves, their interests, and shaping a direction for their job search.
• Discovery Tools: individual interview, interest inventories, support member interviews, observations, record review, benefits planning.
• Expected outcome of Discovery: identify individual’s preferences, types of jobs, potential job sites, preferred job tasks, and what needs to be expected.

Exploration utilizes information obtained through Discovery to develop specific realistic opportunities to allow the individual to define for themselves what does and does not make sense for their employment.

UCP assists individuals with investigating and experiencing work situations relevant to their job preferences.
• Exploration tools: informational interviews, job shadow, job trial, community exploration, labor market, networking.
• Expected outcome of exploration: identify employment opportunities available to individual, barriers, supports needed, identification of Vocational Goal and recommendations for Job Development Plan.

After Discovery and Exploration…

After Discovery and Exploration is completed, a collaborative Personal Plan meeting will be held to discuss the results of the assessment and the team’s recommendation or plans, such as further job training or moving into employment.