The core services UCP of Northwest Missouri offers are:

  • Children’s Program and Preschool, integrating children with and without disabilities
  • An Adult Program, featuring small-group learning activities, community service projects, technology training, and essential life skills on-site at the UCP center in St. Joseph
  • Through the UCP  Employment Program, consumers find meaningful work, build confidence and receive services for job coaching and follow-up


Within these core services, UCP also provides these services to children and adults who are enrolled in our program:

  • Occupational and physical therapy services for children and adults with disabilities
  • Home visits from UCP Preschool teachers and therapists
  • Community involvement opportunities for adults, such as recycling, Meals on Wheels and assistance for other local organizations
  • A lending library of resources, such as books and equipment, for parents and families to use at home
  • Learning environments that include life skills, from cooking to sports, and computer technology for adults with disabilities
  • A state-of-the-art outdoor play area, designed by a landscape architect, offering multiple textures, physical movement opportunities and ways to learn, grow and play for children with all abilities