children with and without disabilities play and learn together

UCP Preschool offers the only intentionally integrated community preschool in the area, where children with and without disabilities play and learn together.

Research indicates that young children with disabilities are more likely to reach developmental goals sooner while interacting with typically developing peers. Studies have shown that children with special needs who are enrolled in an integrated program “demonstrated higher levels of social play and more appropriate social interactions and are more likely to initiate interactions with peers than children in self-contained special education classrooms.”

Typically developing children also benefit from UCP’s unique setting. Research has shown that typically developing children learn just as well if not better in integrated settings than in more typical preschool environments where children with disabilities are not included. Children without delay often advance in social development when learning alongside children who have disabilities.

UCP has served children for over 40 years . . . our preschool staff knows child development! Small student/teacher ratios allow our exceptional staff opportunities to provide more individualized attention than children can receive in larger preschools. Our teachers also use quality and effective curriculum (Project Construct Curriculum) and Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum approved by the state of Missouri to ensure that children who attend UCP Preschool will be as prepared as possible for kindergarten. Therapy services are on site for children who qualify for services. We offer classes for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

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Research indicates children learn just as well, if not better, in integrated environments like UCP’s Preschool where children with and without disabilities learn and grow together.